Like I Needed Cookies

March 29, 2020

This is the problem with immersing oneself in the world of food-cooking-baking-organizing thereof…..   for example: the NYT food section (I subscribed about 6-10 months ago and am drowning in piles of recipes I’ve printed out and can’t wait to try); Youtube cooking videos (I actually watched a ton of Julia Childs videos this morning of her preparing vegetables… so, so entertaining); my decades-long recipe project (which is now spread out on our huge project table in the pantry/laundry room, with piles arranged by food type, binders full of already-tabbed and sheet-protected recipes, file folders full of recipe dreams of yesteryear, file folders of seasonal menus and recipes, baskets full of clipped recipes … you get the idea)….


… the problem with being immersed in all that is that is you find irresistible recipes for cookies, which, combined with long days and short to-do lists…. leads to baking a buncha cookies you might not need.  Like these:


Which are fantastic, both as raw dough and as finished products. Dense, chewy, with hard, crystalized edges… like perfect brownies.. but cookies, instead.

Tried to get a good closeup:


Here’s the recipe:


My one problem… thought I had unsweetened cocoa, but I had thrown all the containers out that I’d had when I moved stuff into the new pantry (they were old). So had to go with sweetened chocolate milk powder. The cookies are fantastic, but definitely sweet.

(And I feel a little sick.) (Feel like an ice water diet is in order.)


One Response to “Like I Needed Cookies”

  1. Wes Young Says:

    Hi Kari, if you like Julia Child, I would also recommend Jacques Pepin. Take a look at his videos on YouTube–search for his Fast Food My Way. He uses the supermarket as his prep chef to make cooking faster and easier. No recipes, but he teaches technique, and if you watch enough of them you start to see patterns. You can start with a recipe and then make it your own, and adapt it for things that are different in your situation…Anyway, it’s a great series.

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