A Virus By Any Other Name..

March 21, 2020

Most call it the Coronavirus. Our repugnant, petulant name-caller in chief likes to call it the Chinese Virus (for which he needs a little cheat sheet and a Sharpie).

third grade trump

Just more of his undignified, vulgar M.O. Not even gonna go there.

Some, I’ve heard, are calling it either the Trumpvirus or the Trump-Chinese Virus.

Jim, today, called it Covidfefe, which may be my favorite. Nice mashup, Jim!

The virus itself may not be Trump’s fault, but the US’s lack of preparedness and the resulting spread is all on him. He knew it was coming and made a political calculation to downplay it. And here we are. So yeah, this is his virus. Nobody’s ever seen anything like it.





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