Being Home

December 19, 2016

This being Peter’s first home-for-the-holidays Christmas break, I was adamant about spending as much of it at home with him as possible. So far, we’ve spent a lot of time with him and he’s joined us for more outings and events than usual. It’s been just great.

It’s deeply heart warming how much we’ve enjoyed him and maybe even vice versa. 🙂 He’s luxuriated in being home, I can tell. He’s been sleeping in very late, he’s spent a lot of time hanging out with us in the kitchen or even the living room, we’ve all spent many nights (any night we’re all three home) watching episodes of Seinfeld (we’re working our way through seasons five and six). He’s joined us for dinner more often than usual, and we’ve had lots and lots of good conversations.

Just couldn’t be better.

Here are a couple oldies…  this one is from 2006 (age 8 1/2)


And this one’s from 2007, age 9 1/2:


(The scar on his face was from an accident at Chase’s house, where they’d been bouncing on a bed and Peter boinged off and landed on the corner of a table… a little bit of a horrifying trip to urgent care, but all okay in the end.)


Our counters are full up with sweets, mostly gifts from neighbors and friends. Way too many cookies, brittle, candy, honeys and toffee. We also got some olive oil, granola and, from Uncle Dean, a Harry & David gift box that included, among a bunch of savory things, those insane pears:


Which reminds me of Bill Edward’s great song (sure to be sung at Wednesday’s Home for the Holidays concert):


Eating My Way Through the Holidays

Eating my way through the holidays

bite by beautiful bite.

Packin’ the freight, plate by plate

on the wings of appetite.

Swallow some, wallow some

then I go back for more.

I’m eating my way through the holidays

’cause that’s what a holiday’s for

(that’s what a holiday’s for.)



Tonight’s dinner with friends was at Janet’s with Janet, Walter and his girlfriend, Elle. I’m telling you… these kids are getting older and more grown up right before our eyes.

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