Jim’s View on the World

December 18, 2016

I have to say, Jim doesn’t take many photos, but when he does, he’s got a lovely eye.

As the story goes, he was standing in the bathroom, looked out the window and a bit of geometry caught his eye…he went out and captured this:


Good one, Jim.


We had Vicki over for dinner. She has been a part of Peter’s life since he was an infant–baby sitting, storytelling at birthday parties, baking… but it’s been years since she’s spent any time with him. We had a very good time taking about all kinds of things the most engaging of which was a discussion of music, the piano, scales, notes, octaves, perfect pitch… we found a great intersection of interests there. I was pleased that Peter chose to stick around for the whole evening and that he enjoyed the company of the three ancients.


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