Burnt Coffee

December 6, 2016

Jim’s got this phantom odor thing going on. For a couple of months now, on a fairly constant basis, he smells burnt coffee. Jim doesn’t drink coffee. Nor do I burn mine when I make it. No coffee in life… except the smell of it burnt, wafting through his smeller.

He looked up this weird symptom on the internet (don’t ever do this), and found all kinds of references to phantom smells and what they can mean. Few good.

He’s unconcerned, but emailed his doctor anyway and is going in for a head X-Ray tomorrow. He suspects a low level sinus infection. That seems like a reasonable guess and a  good outcome.

Unrelated, here’s a photo I took a few minutes before I hit the road last Sunday…


He plays the guitar a bit every day–during down times, at breaks in the action, while waiting for me to get ready…

When Peter’s gone, Jim’s got the full run of his room. Makes himself quite comfortable there. 🙂