Tools of the Tirade

December 20, 2016

I went to another Kaiser class today, this one they called “pre-hab” and was all about the physical therapy of hip replacement surgeries–the before and after exercises, do’s and don’t’s, techniques for bending (or not bending) in the right ways… stuff like that.

I went home with a $48 hip kit.


From left to right: a stiff leg lifter upper; a shoe horn; a general picker upper; a back washer; a clothes hook, and a sock putter oner. They all work pretty well. The kit also included some elastic shoe laces.

Here is a photo for scale:


And, I suppose, they’ll ease the challenges of the first few weeks post surgery. No tirades here.

Other tools, beyond the hip kit: a walker, a riser for the john, maybe a cane, ice packs, a body pillow.