Best Gift Ever

December 17, 2016

Okay, check this out….

Here is a very nice picture of mom and her four acorns. It was taken in August 2002 up at Fallen Leaf Lake. The whole extended family was in Tahoe for a few days to celebrate Aunt Ellie’s 70th birthday–such a wonderful time. ┬áHere, we are standing in front of the tree planted in Grandpa’s honor at the far end of the lake, just beyond the lodge:


AND…. here is the Christmas present I ordered for my mom this year… a blanket made from this photo:


I do believe this is the all-time best gift I’ve ever given. The blanket–100% cotton, soft and cozy–is actually woven as a reproduction of the photo.. the threads take on the actual colors in the picture. It is an extremely impressive process!

I got it from Costco, of all places, and it only cost $69, plus shipping. It was ready in a week or so.

I just cannot believe what they can do these days. ┬áNext thing ya know, there’ll be self driving cars and robots that can talk to you.


The holidays are in full swing. This evening, Jim, Peter and I headed down to Albany for Monica and Dror’s annual Latkes and Carols party. Its usual fun. I ate about 18 latkes and then sang my brains out. Not really. Just sang. But I notice that my voice seems to have dropped an octave or so. I have such a low voice.

Notable this year was Nina.. Ben’s Slovenian sweetie, who has been here for a few months now and looks to be settling in for the duration. They make a very good and solid couple. They could be each others’ one!

We also saw Paul this morning for breakfast, who was down from Oregon and was making early Christmas rounds with Davis friends–Janet and us. Very nice to see him.