December 25, 2016

Here are some shots from Christmas 2016:

Peter and his new putter…

FullSizeRender 5.jpg

(He’s also wearing a nice new sweater and shirt…looks so nice.)

The three of us and a few of our favorite things…


That’s a fancy, felted wool hat handmade by an artist at the Artery, Jim’s new arctic-grade down coat, and Peter w/ aforementioned putter, sweater and shirt. Just a samplin’

Jim gave me some special lenses for my iPhone camera… for example…


We did some carol singing at Monica’s and Dror’s..


That’s Dean, Peter, Nina–Ben’s new sweetie from Slovenia–and Ben.

Here are 3/5th of the Dean/Annita Frame kids.. Alan, John and Monica:


Some strong family resemblance there!

Didn’t get a good one of Marie. And could only speak with Mark via phone (in DC). And this was the first Christmas without Annita (though she was living in the convalescent home last year). Sure missed her being there.


Here are Maita with Matthew and Dean:


Peter and Ben at the dinner table–cousins and friends:


Da cousins:


And that’s a wrap.


News from the Peterson/Johnson clans: Staci’s dad, George, died unexpectedly on Christmas eve. George was a joyful character, owner of KC Brannagan’s in Long Beach, and loved by many. They all continued with their plans to celebrate Christmas at the Johnson’s… it was important for everyone to be together. Petersons gathered the night before at Mom’s for Christmas Eve dinner. Mom wasn’t up to a big crowd on Christmas day, but the boys all headed to Staci’s and Eric’s.