Dutch Flat

December 15, 2016

Annual hikers pre-Christmas gathering time! It’s been a long time since this group has hiked together, but that’s okay.. still the greatest of friends, and still gather for this potluck-gift-exchange.  I so look forward to seeing everyone.

It was at Heidi and Jim’s in Dutch Flat. The storm shoulda brought snow, but it was just a tad too warm, so rain it was. This is just as you cross the tracks on the way into “town.”


Couple road shots where the pavement ends and the dirt begins…




Arriving at Heidi’s & Jim’s:


Did some sitting around (Ricker, Susan, Linda, Jim J):


Did some food prep (Heidi, Susan):


Here’s the table:


Here’s Rick, who’s dealing with health issues, but you wouldn’t know it here:



Here’s us minus Rick and Linda, who’d taken off before we got a group photo (Jim J, Jim R, Jim F, Susan, Heidi):


(Other versions of this photo had too many rabbit ears… this was the most serious of the bunch.)

Great afternoon. Fingers crossed for Rick’s next few rounds of tests and treatment strategies.



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