The Young Shall Lead Us

December 14, 2016


As seen in the TSA line at LAX. Gives me hope for and faith in the future.


After being away for ten days, it felt good to be home. Peter picked me up at the airport, which, I have to say, gives me such a warm feeling. I had about an hour to unload, unpack, settle in (and wash down my brand new suitcase after it got soaked in some kind of sweet, creamy drink–maybe a liqueur–that leaked from another suitcase) before I had to head out to a SURJ (Standing Up for Racial Justice) meeting in Sac. I’d have far preferred staying home with my guys and reading Christmas cards or whatever, but I’m very anxious to plug into the work of SURJ and wanted to attend their member orientation tonight. However….. I got too late a start and realized I’d not make the orientation portion of the meeting (again), so decided instead to attend a meeting in Davis–one I’d wanted to attend, but for the SURJ conflict.

The Davis meeting was all about our Sanctuary City status and the challenges we face from the Trumpster, who has threatened to withhold federal funds from cities across the country who stand in the way of his plans to deport immigrants and refugees. It was gratifying as we learned from an expert panel the limits of his inhumane and immoral threats. It was nice to see such a huge turnout for the meeting–over a hundred folks crammed into the Blanchard Room at the library. Damn, I love this community.


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