From the Road

December 4, 2016

Shots of today’s north-to-south road trip:

Cloud formations quite unusual… still in Davis on I-80, looking north, no idea what’s going on here… totally looks like a messy little miss-stroke in somebody’s sky painting:


A few minutes later, driving south on I-5… same deal:


Stopped at the Grapevine for gas… the sunset was spectacular:


The same view, slightly shifted, unfiltered:


And again, some great clouds heading up the hill!



Now, just so you know… I took these without taking eyes off road. Picked up my phone and blindly pointed/shot. Got lots, not many came out.


Worth noting: This morning, before hitting the road, boosted my iTunes library by an additional and amazing fifteen albums. THAT made the trip really fun. Voice was horsy by the time I got to PV.

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