Case For Baskets

December 3, 2016

Sure I’ve written about this before….

Christmas goods baskets to us are a wonderful gift. Would that we could give them to everyone (though to be honest, I don’t think they’re everybody’s thing… for example, when I’m at my mom’s I find treasures from years past, collecting dust in the farthest corners of the pantry, or buried under jars of newer things in her icebox–she calls it an icebox).

Here’s this year’s collection of yummy things, all local: organic brown rice, fig jam, homemade chocolates, olive oil, a dried fruit assortment and UCD’s sun dried tomatoes.


For the second year, we took advantage of the Farmer’s Market’s free packing baskets and their wonderful packing service:


(Now if we could just get them to do free shipping..)

Here’s Jim hauling all the baskets home:


I tell ya… we got this down.


As wonderful as getting the basket shopping done… maybe even more wonderful… was driving up the hill tonight to Sarah’s and Gabe’s for what will be an ongoing, monthly salon, of sorts. Soiree super stars, those two! I swear. Rum toddies, fires, soups, candlelit spirals, music, salads, homemade bread, cranberry curd tarts–much of it under the stars on a cold night.

What is it all for, if not that?

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