Grant Us a Reprieve

April 22, 2016

This is kind of a silly title.. but refers to a couple of Grant related things. Grant High School… that’s who we played today, on their home turf in Del Paso Heights. This is a tough neighborhood of Sacramento, but it’s also great for food… but back to that in a sec. Regarding reprieves, we are getting a couple after today’s game. Here’s why:

First, there was the weather. They said it was going to rain this afternoon and they were right. Like a sonofagun. So hard, in fact, it hailed. Twice during the game. By the time the bottom of the 4th rolled around, Ryan B (aka Bell), who’d pitched a near perfect couple of innings, was starting to lose his grip on the ball. They suspended the game for safety reasons, and when it didn’t let up, they postponed it entirely. Until tomorrow.

Bright sun and low 70s are predicted for tomorrow. So.. a weather reprieve.

Secondly,  because we didn’t get far enough into the game before rain suspended play, we are getting a reprieve on the game itself.. meaning, tomorrow at noon, we return to Grant High and start back at the first inning with a score of 0-0. In other words: we start all over, fresh. For a couple people, this is a disappointment because they were having exceptionally good games (like the aforementioned Bell). Not to mention, we were winning 5-3. We will lose those good stats and we will lose that little bit of an edge in the game. But for those who were having a bad day–and there were three of four of them–going back to square one and forgetting the game ever happened is a good thing. Take Peter, for example: Peter had an exceptionally dismal outing. He was lucky to have only been credited with two errors in the first inning, when it very easily could have been three, and he was part of a bungled play at first that lead to other bad things. This whole series of unfortunate events included giving up two hits and three runs (and actually, due to all the errors, even though a couple of them were his, only one of those runs was technically earned) … and well, it was just an inning he’d love to forget. It’s not often you get to have such an inning erased from the record books. But there it is… erased. Like a mulligan in golf. A total do over and.. another reprieve!

No pictures of the action (too buried under my goretex, trying to keep my score book dry), but as we waited for the umpires to rule on the rain out, here’s the team in a spontaneous game of something. Not sure what it was, but it looked very fun. Don’t be fooled by these puffy white clouds against a bright blue sky… the field is soaked, the breeze is stiff and cold, and there is vast darkness behind me.


Back to the food.  This being Del Paso Heights, rib joints and taco stands are all over. Before the game started, a bunch of us went to Chando’s Tacos for a late lunch..


Here’s the menu, posted outside, next to the walk up window:


I’ve since learned there are a number of Chando’s Tacos around as they’ve gained in popularity. Glad to hear that.


Unrelated, returned home and immediately took off for a forum on Measure A. Learned a lot about something I’d not paid that much attention to over the years, which is good, since we’re voting on it in a month or so. And that’s all fine, but what made the forum notable was the fact Jim was the moderator. He did a very nice job, especially as the mud began to fly. No kidding, it turned into something I completely did not expect, with a bit of yelling and a lot of snarky sniping. All over a patch of undeveloped land.

Davis.. I tell you.

But I was very proud of my husband.





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