Whine Free Country

April 2, 2016

Not possible to whine. The DHS Blue Devils have extended their streak to 11-0 (15-0 if you count preseason games, which I do) with a win over Maria Carrillo, a Santa Rosa team that’s traditionally very strong and very competitive.

It took a lot of talent, cool heads and a smidge of luck to prevail (like that Mario Carrillo center fielder dropping a routine fly ball to allow loaded bases to completely clear… that kind of luck). ┬áBut hey, win’s a win. (6-4, whew!)

Peter’s still on the injured list, as are Danny and Gabe. Mort and Pierce are back, as is Solly from a brief absence. I’m anxious to see Peter get an inning soon. It must be hard to miss all this streaky fun.

No baseball pictures (you’re welcome), but I must subject you to a few more heavily filtered road shots taken while wending our way through the wine country.

Yes, I must.

Sonoma Valley is lovely anytime of year, but especially when the poppies, mustard and roses are blooming…


Even in the fog…



Love vine rows disappearing and reappearing over hills.. (and loving the nostalgia filter, though see it’s one you can overdo)…


This suited my groggy, post win, dream state…


I’m always a fan of the grunge filter..


Nice when the hills are green, too…


All shot from moving vehicle, sadly through a dirty windshield (don’t ask about the argument Jim and I had last week about overusing wiper fluid (my former tendency)).