Southern Hospitality

April 23, 2016

Yesterday’s rainout meant a return to Del Paso Heights today to replay our game with Grant High.

It was much better baseball weather today.

Here are Ray and Peter during the pre-game warm up:


Doesn’t that make you want to go out and run around on a baseball diamond? In my next life, I’m coming back an 18 year old baseball player. Not kidding.

I sat with Dianna right behind the on deck circle, close enough to hear coach and player mutterings, which was illuminating. ┬áHere’s a nice one of Daniel, who took the mound in the sixth and finished the game (we won 8-3 and are now 16-2).


Best part of being in this part of Sacramento is the food. Yesterday it was a great taco joint, today it was southern-style…another immensely popular walk-up style restaurant with very rudimentary seating. Tori’s Place on Grand:


I got some corn bread to go:


Dianna says the meatloaf is great. I’m sure it’s all great:


Here’s where you order. Not sure why, but the menus are slightly different, including the prices… but I’m sure it’s all work out-able with the owners (both of whom came to the window to chat, welcome me and even shake hands).


Today’s fun fact: a few days ago, Tori and her husband welcomed Jesse Jackson to their place. He was in the area to stump for a local candidate (I presume that Allen Wayne Warren fellow featured on the election signs in the top photo) and dropped in here for some legendary home-style cooking. Pretty cool.

Already committing to returning next year to cheer on the varsity, even without Peter, so I can try the meatloaf.