Saturday Spring Showers

April 9, 2016

One of those days you wish for when you’re feeling jammed and burdened and ready for a break…. a showery Saturday with little to do but have breakfast with friends and watch the Masters Golf tournament with your son. He dozed through the last 5 holes or so, but I still enjoyed watching golf for the first time in about two decades. And boy that hip replacement cannot come soon enough so I can actually walk 18 holes and play again. That’s what I’m thinking today!

Here’s a shot:


Otherwise, I’ll just post some photos of our garden (photos I took yesterday), which runneth over with 1) some unwanted but expected spring growth (bed straw, ┬ámost of which we pulled out this week), and 2) a whole bunch of FLOWERS!

In the front…

Our irises are coming up and a few other somethings:


The poppies, too, calendula, arugula, the new pluot, our uber-productive, blooming Meyer lemon, and that other thing that I love (occupying most of the lower left) :


These little pincushions, calendula, alyssum, daffs (done), cat-something, and other things:


And some chard finding a hole in there…


The whole reason I wanted a split rail fence.. so the abutilon could tumble gracefully over its edge:


And in the back…

The mound’s a-grassing… and a clump of Snow in Summer that I love with all my heart…


Another patch of S in S thriving in the back by compost mountain (out of view off to the right). And here we’re also looking between a couple of happy successes… white flowers (forget what) to the left and pink roses (forget the variety) to the right. The California fushsia will bloom later as will that other thing whose name escapes me at the moment.. both under the pink roses. And there are others, but just too many to point out:


This corner of the creek bed is working well:


As is this corner (I really like those orange ones):


And you can see we’ll need to hack back some of these flowers because they’re overstepping their bounds… but I’m liking it for now:


These help me remember what blooms when.. thanks for the indulgence.

And pointing out, with a huge degree of satisfaction: most, if not all, of our flowers and plants, at least the more recent acquisitions, come from UC Davis’ Arboretum All-Stars list, many of which–again, if not all–are available at the arboretum’s sales throughout the year. Drought tolerant, perfect for our region, and PLENTY of color and variety. Yay. (Not a commercial, just a happy, impressed customer.)