Gaps Claps and Caps

April 21, 2016

Given that I spent most of this day bent over one proofing project or another, I sure ended up with a few good things to write about.

Nothing earth shattering, but then, it’s the small stuff, right?

Small thing #1:

Jim’s implant nightmare is finally over… after… I don’t know…maybe 18-20 months? Minus about a month or so when he was between implants (his first one and second one, and hopefully his last). It was a long road with many gappy smiles. But now… he’s back to a full set:


Understandably smily.

Small thing #2

Tonight was the annual thanks to all involved dinner out at the 18,000 acre ranch Jim does subsidence work for. Some beautifully delivered thank yous to a gathered group of twenty, a very nice dinner, a celebratory magnum of cab and a lot of talk of water politics. Fascinating, really, to get a glimpse of what land ownership and management on a grand scale is like.

Mostly I wished we lived in a place where we could gaze out at broad, sweeping vistas; it gives me such a sense of peace, such a sense of connectedness. I’d really give anything for a house on the edge of something, where miles of open space are part of your daily reality.

It was too dark by the time we took off… so I just took a picture of the area around the ranch house and the end of what had been a dramatic sunset:


The house (charming) is behind me; that’s some kind of barn/workshop in the photo. It is dead silent out there.. but for birds and water fowl.

Small thing #3

And while we were out in the country being wined, dined, and thanked, local NBC affiliate KCRA was running a story about the local baseball phenoms of Davis High. A reporter and camera crew showed up at practice today to interview Dan about the exceptional season the Blue Devils are having. It was a nice piece! A fast paced minute of action shots that got most of the guys in, and additional interviews with Hunter, Mort and Ryan K. Here is a shot KCRA posted to its Facebook page (credit where credit is due) promoting the story: the backside of five of the pitching staff: Ray, Eton, Bell, Gib and Peter.

kcra pitchers

Pitchers not pictured: Mort, Danny, Pierce, Holgate.

Cleanest pants award goes to Bell. Also, nice haircuts, guys.




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