Worried Rocker

April 12, 2016

wendy sanders

My latest art acquisition.

Now, before you get all impressed, it IS a lovely piece of art, and I’m thrilled to have it, and I’ll tell you why in a sec, but this particular rendition is a picture that I right clicked from a Facebook post, downloaded onto my computer and just printed out on regular paper. Then, I edited the edges down to size and put it in a very nice wooden frame I found in my photo project closet (where boxes and boxes and boxes of old photos go to die).


I am particularly enamored of this worried rocking woman because 1) it was drawn in 1974 by a friend of mine from elementary school days who moved out of Palos Verdes when we were in 7th grade and I never saw or heard of her again… until she surfaced a few months ago in my Facebook world–the friend of a friend of a friend (each of those an elementary school buddy); and 2) the lines and colors and simplicity really appeal to me.

Wendy (not Sanders anymore) is, as best I can tell, a professional illustrator who specializes in children’s books. I’ve seen lots of her work via FB and see that she is very talented, successful and has done a lot with her art.

I’m still searching for just the right place to hang this so I can enjoy it every day. Right next to my rocking chair seems like the obvious choice.

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