First Day of Last League Play

April 11, 2016

Yep, another first of a last thing, last thing being Peter’s last league season in his high school baseball career. (Not that I’m a documenter or anything.)

Today was the start of league play and the Blue Devils won!

DHS plays in Division I, by virtue of being a large school. We are part of the Delta League, which in turn is one of seven leagues in the huge Sac-Joaquin Section (somewhere around 46-49 schools total). Our Delta league has eight schools. We hope to win our league and go on to compete in playoffs against the top schools in  the other leagues. Davis has won the whole Sac-Joaquin title three times… it’s too far to look ahead to that, but that is the brass ring. This is all under the auspices of CIF, the organization through with California schools compete.

Anyway, the Blue Devils won their opening game. Officially, league-wise, we are now 1-0. (overall, 13-0). One down, many to go.

The boys started a little slowly, behind Franklin 5-1, which was kind of scary. But in the bottom of the third, we put three more runs up and another two in the fourth, and from there never looked back. We won 10-6. GREAT start to league play.

Pierce got the nod for this game and would have faired a lot better but for a costly error in the first inning that lead to 3 unearned runs. He made quick work of the second, but when he loaded the bases in the third, Dan pulled him and sent Peter in. It was just like the last game: bases loaded, no outs. Fix this. Which he pretty much did: sac bunt and two ground outs.

He ended up pitching 3 2/3 innings, held them to 3 hits and no runs, and happened to be pitching when our bats came alive so earned the win. He started the sixth with a fly out, but when he walked a batter (his second for the outing), Dan pulled him and put in Daniel to finish things off. Daniel held the Wildcats to just one run over his 1 2/3 innings with 2 strike outs, 2 hits and a walk, and that was that (and assorted ground and fly outs). Whee! And the streak goes on.

I neglected to get any photos, but will post a couple here taken by Kristen at last week’s game when Peter relieved, also a home game, so just pretend it’s today:


(Nothing like a strong telephoto lens.. it makes the bleachers at the track–about 125 yards away–look close!)

And here’s another Kristen took last week following the game. This was immediately post the heaping dog pile. I like this one… for obvious reasons…

IMG_9845 (1)





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