Reys of Hope and Sunshine

April 6, 2016

Look who wandered into the press box during yesterday afternoon’s game: Tobin and his Rhodesian Ridgeback Rey, who’s not as much a puppy as she was last time I took her picture, earlier in the season:


That is one good looking dog.

Mostly though, I wanted to share that the baseball boys have extended their phenomenal winning streak to an official 12 (and an unofficial 16), beating Bear Creek (of Stockton) in a 9-8 squeaker.

Two previously-on-the-injured-list players made short appearances in this game, which was nice! Peter had a reasonable 2-inning outing (relieved starter Bell; in fact, came in with bases loaded and no outs and got out of that situation with 2 K, 1 hit and a fly out) after THREE weeks off, and says today that his arm is just normal sore, not injured sore (hmm). The outing was busier than you like to see: 2 hits, 2 strike outs, 3 walks and 2 earned runs (which busted that nice 0.0 ERA), but he threw confidently and seemed content. Daniel threw himself full-body at a ground ball that snuck through the 3-4 hole  during his one inning at first, which seemed not to bother his back at all. Hopefully BOTH are back for the rest of the season. Fingers crossed. Regular league games begin Monday!

It was also nearly 90 degrees out there with lots of sunshine! Feeling a lot more like baseball season is settling in.



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