Feeling the Bern in Davis

April 5, 2016

Bernie won Wisconsin tonight. That’s very nice.

Cruz also won Wisconsin tonight, which–repugnant as he is–is also kind of…. satisfying. Not satisfying in a positive way, but satisfying in a twisted sort of hopeful way. Anything that puts a sock in the huge, boorish mouth of the guy who brags about other huge things (delusional ideas, appendages of all sorts), is gratifying. Choices for republican voters have narrowed down to Trump, whose objectionable candidacy has spawned a group whose sole purpose is to aggressively destroy his chances of ever becoming president, and Cruz, who just does not play well with others and is equally despised, but, for now, preferable. And I guess Cruz is only preferable as a foil. If he’s able to keep Trump from the requisite number of delegates, alternatives for the republican ticket could emerge come convention time. Frankly, that gives everyone hope. So… yay Cruz. The reasonable republicans hate you, but hate you less than the other guy, and your winning now will ensure chaos down the road which may be the republican’s only chance to salvage this train wreck.

Well, whatever. You boys have fun with that.


I came upon these Bernie folks tabling today in downtown Davis… warm late afternoon sun streaming through the new spring growth along E Street:


Even with his impressive string of primary victories, with more on the way, Bernie’s still a long shot.

But I’ll tell you one thing: integrity and a genuine regard for humanity rank high on my list. I’m glad there is somebody I absolutely trust in this race. I trust Bernie to speak the truth, I trust that he cares deeply, and I trust that he is looking out for our collective best interest. Period. With pure intentions, a clear conscience and a happy heart, I get to cast my vote for Bernie and feel totally, unconditionally good about it.

Take that, conniving, desperate, ethically-challenged, backroom-dealing, dirty-monied republicans.

Feeling inspired by leadership is refreshing. Going to enjoy this as long as it lasts.


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