This Old House

March 26, 2016


Early this morning. Walked into the family room and got hit with the sun streaming through the front windows. Have always liked mornings around here.

Will be sad the day this house becomes somebody else’s. Been the family home since 1959.. fifty seven years. Yeow. *

There are so many things wrong with it, it’s comical… in spite of my mom doing an admirable job of keeping up with maintenance tasks. (More than keeping up!)  For example, I can’t get the light on in my room these days, and I noticed tonight there’s a nasty smell coming up through the kitchen sink when I run the garbage disposal; mom says the pipes are rotting. Eww.

It ’tis old.

* Fun LA fact: Fifty seven may seem like a very long time, but consider that when Vin Scully retires at the end of this season, he will have been announcing Dodger games for sixty seven years!  Now THAT is a long time.



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