March 10, 2016

Decided to punt to a throwback picture today. Thank goodness for Thursdays.

Kindergarten. Chavez. The playhouse. Mmmm, popsicles.


From left:

Maya:¬†After kindergarten, she and Peter ended up in the same 1st-2nd grade combo class. Then, so advanced was she, she skipped ahead a grade and we lost touch a little. She went on to be wildly popular in high school and was a star of the volleyball team, and is now at UC Santa Barbara. She works at Crepeville when she’s back in Davis, so Jim and I are able to keep tabs on her.

Peter: We know his story.

Anna: She was a scrappy tomboy then, super athletic and one of Peter’s best buddies. They had lots of play dates together. I have a favorite picture of them in the backyard, swinging together on the hammock, deep in conversation. Can’t post quite yet. She is an amazing athlete at DHS, star of both the basketball and lacrosse teams. Not sure yet where she’ll go to college.

Jack: Still one of Peter’s best and closest friends. Like his dad, he’s an accomplished musician, and a very independent guy. By junior high, he’d already left mainstream school and enrolled in DSIS. He was the first of Peter’s friends to get a real job (Nugget). He graduated early, too, and these days he focuses a lot on body building and fitness. He and Peter still get together regularly to talk.