Haight This

March 7, 2016

It was a significant day. I’m processing it…. and may write about it later.

So as not to tease, it has to do with my receiving a more or less confirmed diagnosis of arthritis (osteo) which will likely mean a hip replacement down the road a spell. If that sounds like old news, it sort of is. Except that I wasn’t buying it when it was proffered as an explanation for my limpy, painful symptoms a year ago (by the same orthopedist). And now I’m pretty much buying it.

The orthopedist is Dr. Haight, respected, sharp and reportedly an ace surgeon. I should have liked her, but when she delivered her opinion a year ago, it made me cry and the appointment went very downhill from there. I needed lots more opinions. Four or five orthopedists, a couple of physical therapists, a trainer, an acupuncturist, a massage therapist and a physician’s assistant later, I had a multitude of diagnoses. All the MDs went with osteoarthritis (what do they know?!). From the others I got things like torn labrum, hip dysplasia, ruptured tendon. I pursued all kinds of strategies to deal with all of those things.

A year later and no real progress to speak of, I decided to return to Holly Haight. Which was a surprising move on my part. I usually have a hard time overcoming harbored grudges.

Different vibe this time–largely because Jim came with me for reinforcement–but same diagnosis. Worse now, but still your basic age-related bone degeneration.

It’s one of those good news bad news things. Bad in that the diagnosis now seems so very certain and who wants stupid osteoarthritis in their hip?! Good in that the certainty liberates me from chasing down all these other theories, constantly dealing with raised and dashed hopes, and never really knowing what it is, exactly, that I have. Also liberating in that I don’t have to be stubborn anymore.

This takes me to so many places emotionally. I’ve lost, at least for awhile, something I totally took for granted–easy mobility. Tough for someone who sort of thinks of herself as the athletic type. I’m only 60 with decades of plans that involve being mobil. I’m also thinking about, you know, aging, and all that we, as aging people, will face. This little arthritis thing, I’m sure, is but a tip of the iceberg. Not a small topic. I guarantee I’ll deal, and have a good attitude about it. Soon. I will. And perhaps I’ll write.

In the meantime, here are some nice photos taken on the drive home from Sac this morning:

A very nicely swollen Sacramento River (hey, just like my hip!), shot from the road that follows it along the west side–River Road, I think.


Railroad trestle along Road 22, aka Hwy 16, aka Main St (Woodland):


And wild mustard along Rd 102:


All shot with my iPhone from a moving vehicle, as usual, and slightly processed.