Last Peter Pi Day Pies

March 14, 2016

Welp. Another March 14, another Pi Day. Our last to celebrate with Peter. It’s not that we won’t carry on the tradition of eating pies on Pi Day when Peter’s out of the house, but it just won’t be the same when he’s not here.

And here, I didn’t even bake a pie for his last Pi Day at home. I bought them. I texted Peter at school today and asked what kind of pies he’d like and, based on his choices, concluded the best solution was Ikeda’s, mostly cuz I hadda work all afternoon.


So, for dinner tonight, though I’m a particular fan of my own chicken pot pie, I picked up Ikeda’s famous homemade version, and for dessert, their other famous pie–the Marionberry.

Easy as pie.


In other Peter Pi Day news:

Peter started memorizing Pi when he was nine.  In March of his 4th grade year, he was up to 193 digits.  Teachers generally made a fuss about Pi, and maybe he knew he was among the best of the memorizers, but it was largely just a personal endeavor (obsession).

Junior high competitions started to spice things up a bit. In eighth grade he entered the school-wide contest at Holmes, sponsored, as it were, by the math department. He went in cold and remembers he got “probably around 80,” which was not so competitively impressive. (Though being a person who’s memorized exactly 5 digits: 3.1415, I’m in awe.) The next year, he worked a bit harder and ended up finishing third place overall. And won a pie! So proud was he, that it became the top entry in the awards, prizes and recognitions category of his college applications. (It was actually the only entry in this category.)

Not sure what admissions officers are thinking about that one.

But hey, he memorized Pi to 213 digits that year! If I were a college, I’d want him!