Sky Over Second Street

March 1, 2016


Today’s notables:

  • Peter’s taken to golf with his usual level of obsessiveness. He’s been watching golfing videos and practicing with a spatula and whiffle ball in the house. Jim picked up a couple of clubs at the thrift store yesterday–a 5-iron and a 5-wood. A buck apiece. Tonight was the second in a row of going across the street and hitting balls. Not sure exactly how, but he broke the iron in two, which I think pleased him. He does think he’s improving rapidly.
  • Super Tuesday. Eleven states up for grabs. Trump won seven. His nomination seems a foregone conclusion. More disgust than I have words for at the moment. Hillary also won seven.
  • Trying something radical in my attempt to decrease hip (and now thumb) inflammation. I tried gluten free for a week last fall and tried sugar free for a month post Christmas. I had good reasons for both experiments and good reasons for suspending them. Now I’m combining the two. I know mileage varies on these things, but I’m up for seeing what happens. At the very least, I’m hoping that dropping my fifteen surplus pounds will ease the load on my hip. I’ll report out after three months.
  • Pretty sky this afternoon, no?