March 2, 2016

Another first day of the last xxx. I told you this year could get a little weird.

Today was the first day of the last season… meaning… today’s game against Vacaville was the first official game the season (not to be confused with the first four games we played which were all scrimmages and don’t count for nuthin.)  But today’s goes into the official record, counted and measured and reported. Yeah… I know.  Who’s counting?  Well, we are. The newspapers are. MaxPreps is.

(And just so you know.. the first league game doesn’t happen until April 11. At which point, I’ll probably make a big to do about that, as well.)

All just excuses to post pictures.

So without further ado:

We went to Vacaville, aka cowtown:


Mort was the starting pitcher.  He’s our ace, but has been injured so the coaches have been very careful, so’s not to risk his health over the long haul. He went two innings, then this happened:


When there’s a pitching change, the infield comes in and stands on the mound with the new guy as he warms up. Ritual/protocol you know. This is the A squad (at least for now): Gib at 3rd, Ryan at short, Reed at second and Danny at first. Lagatutta’s catching.

Oh, and Peter’s the new guy.

He had a great outing: he held the Bull Dogs to just one hit over his 4 1/3 innings, struck out a few, walked a few, and allowed no earned runs. He threw a greater percentage of balls than we (Jim and I) like (authorities on the game that we are), but looked confident and in control. He was backed up by a hot hitting bunch of Blue Devils (15 hits in the game!) and some hit-saving defense, which pitchers and their parents really appreciate. Gib came in for the final 3 batters. DHS won 14-6. Their official record is now 1-0.

And here he is just before heading across the street to blast more golf balls into the night air…


Looks a bit whooped. (But isn’t it nice he lets me take a picture…)