Bora Bora Boras

March 22, 2016

This being spring break, it’s time for the annual Boras Baseball Classic. I don’t know how Davis gets invited every year, but we do. This fellow explains this prestigious tournament better than I could:


Each team plays four games over the three days. If you win all four, you are the champion of your division (ours is northern California), and you play the champion of the other division (southern California) for the title–what they consider best high school team in the state. This game happens later in the spring, this year at UC Berkeley.

We won our two games today and are in the hunt. Completely unexpected.

Our two wins today bring our season total to 7-0 (11-0 if you count the pre-season games). It sure makes a difference when you have a hitting team.

Here is a pic of the draw, at least a portion of the winners’ bracket side:

Boras Draw

Boys between games, eating lunch, scouting their next opponent:


Peter was going to pitch today but had a sore shoulder. If it doesn’t feel better by day #3, he may sit out the entire tourney, which would be a bummer. He went to Hideshi today (maybe only his second time seeing a trainer/therapist in a 13-yr baseball .. uh.. do we call it a career?).  Hope he feels better tomorrow.


It was an incredibly beautiful day today in Sacramento.


2 Responses to “Bora Bora Boras”

  1. Elliot Margolies Says:

    sending strong shoulder energy, and elbow grease

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