Friends are the Best Humans

March 16, 2016


Came home from an unexpectedly long day at work to find a lovely gift on my front porch from an even lovelier friend.

She crocheted this silk and cotton scarf in blues and browns, with tiny buddhist medallions dangling from the edges, herself. And as she did, she imagined I might like it, so she just gave it to me. It had an incredibly nice card attached and was wrapped in tissue and packaged in a manilla envelope. And there it was when I got home. It’s fun coming home to a package on the porch not from Amazon (though sometimes those are nice, too).

I could just not be more pleased.

It’s a good time to remember that life is sweet. That there is a ton of goodness out there. That humans, at their core, are kind and loving and generous of spirit.

When in doubt about that fact, just reach out to a friend.


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