First Home Stand

March 8, 2016


Those young ladies are members of the high school Advanced Treble Choir. They traditionally sing a beautiful rendition of the Star Spangled Banner to open all home games.

This being the first home game of the 2016 season, they were there. And, yep, they sang beautifully. Good start to the home season!

Dan and the high school field maintenance crews were able to get the field dry enough after the weekend’s hellacious storm to actually play today, and we managed to get a whole game in–though drops fell here and there–before the next storm hits. Not expecting to get any more games in this week. We hear March is supposed to be just one storm after another. Anticipating lots of canceled or postponed games this early season.

Peter got to be the opening pitcher for this game, which was so nice. Definitely enjoying the fact he’s getting so many outings. He pitched well (5 innings, 2 hits, no runs, 2 strike outs, 2 walks) and had three assists. Yay! They won 9-0 (and have won all six games they’ve played so far).

Soon as he got home, he checked a few election returns, then turned around and left–off to play chess with Solly, who also had a great game today (3 for 3, including a beautiful double and a 2-RBI single).

I hope these guys appreciate what a good life they have. This really is the good stuff, isn’t it?




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