It’s Not Golf

March 6, 2016

I asked permission from Peter to post a picture of him teeing off the back porch, swinging a 5-wood, sending an orange ping pong ball deep into the yard beyond.

No, I may not do that.

It’s still a nice picture, but will have to wait for another, less bashful time.

Instead, I got an eye-rolling “go ahead,” for this one… a photo I came across while looking for something else. He’s 7 1/2 here. It may or may not be his first lost tooth, but it’s classic, no?  We’re out watching the sandhill cranes in the Yolo Wildlife Area with a bunch of friends, one of whom had arranged a guided tour.


It was also my 50th birthday, so yeah, these are really old pictures:


As I recall, it was a great tour and a beautiful afternoon/evening. It started with a classroom session at the visitor’s center:


No idea what’s going on here, but I like Peter’s look. Weird of me, but maybe I’m modeling good classroom behavior.

We did a lot of this:



And a lot of this:


(That is a great picture of Susan and Jim.. the guy with the beer was the naturalist, whose name I cannot remember.)


(Heidi, Jim J, and Rick.)

And even saw a lot of these:


I can’t tell you, at this point, if those are the cranes or garden variety geese.)

Day ended with a nice one of these:


Sorry for the decade-old pics.

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