The Best They Got

March 3, 2016

Oh my.

It was a very long, back-to-back-scheduled day. Came home about 9:15, finally, and sat down to listen to the republican debate–their 11th.

I know, what a glutton for punishment.


As if his utterly juvenile, inarticulate, pompous pronouncements–consistently devoid of substance–were not bad enough, Trump, always keepin’ it classy, actually boasted about the size of his genitals tonight.

I kid you not.

Nothing subtle or veiled about it, either. Just pure egotism.  That was in the first five minutes. For the next hour and a half (it went on longer, I just couldn’t take it any more), Cruz and Rubio pummeled Trump. It was relentless and effective. In response, he just called them names.  Such an embarrassing display. I also have to hand it to Fox for coming up with a number of very damning quotes and video clips of Trump saying some truly whacky things and contradicting himself all over the place. It was quite an assault, and of course so deserved.

The audience for this debate sounded like they were at a boxing match. The crowd was unruly and raucous through most of it, cheering at one thing or another, sometimes drowning out even the moderators.  One big class act.

I can’t imagine any of this does the self-destructing republican party or any of its desperate candidates any good. Eager to hear some calm analysis in the morning.

The media must be having an El Nino of a wet dream over this election.







2 Responses to “The Best They Got”

  1. Elliot Margolies Says:

    I’m a fellow glutton. It seemed that the relentless attacks got to the Trump. He became quite quiet for awhile – giving answers in a low voice and declining to answer some with more than a couple of subdued lines. Megan Kelly’s part about the fraudulent Trump University was very dramatic. Then I came home from the Y and we watched the Warriors game that is all about earning every point you get through amazing artistic honest effort.

    • Kari Says:

      As I’m reading your comment, I’m listening to the radio. Blusters Trump: “Oh, they’ll listen to me, I’m a leader, they’ll do exactly what I tell them,” in response to a question about his extraordinarily questionable and dangerous plans for the Middle East.

      He really turns my stomach.

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