New Year Party Redux

December 31, 2015

We partied like it was 2014.

That is…   we went to the Odd Fellows Hall and danced in the new year to the very danceable music of Mumbo Gumbo. Just like last year.

So much fun.

Couldn’t help but notice the demographic at this event was quite, uh… well… old. Like us. Guessing the average age was 50-55. Is that possible? Lot-o-grey hair in that crowd. But here’s the thing: we’re all boomers– raised in the 60s, raised on rock and roll. I must say, we rocked it.

Even though they limit the door to about 200-250 people, we ran into lots of people we know. Makes for a fun time.

Here’s a dark and not very clear shot of the stage. Mumbo Gumbo’s been around a long time, but they still serve up some great music…lot of talent in those musicians:


Jim and me…


Aren’t we funny?  (Or maybe just fuzzy.) (Any month now Jim’s going to get that implant in…)

So.. dancing, balloon drop, champagne, noise makers, Auld Lang Syne, kissing and hugging all around… the whole nine yards. Hilarious.

They were serving gumbo downstairs, but we’d eaten at home first… a small pre-dance party gathering. Ginger, butternut squash soup, salad, and…

A slow-cook pot roast:  Yukon potatoes, onions, carrots, tomato paste, worcestershire sauce, broth and a wee bit of corn starch as a base.


Rub a chuck roast with fresh minced garlic, season with salt/pepper and place on top:


Cover, set on high, and six hours later dinner’s done. It was pretty good!

Happy New Year.





4 Responses to “New Year Party Redux”

  1. blk4609 Says:

    fun indeed! What keeps the vegs under the beef roast from turning to mush?

    • Kari Says:

      Surprisingly, they didn’t. Some potatoes were softer than others, but that was okay. I might use the larger (of the small yukons) potatoes next time, and not slice the carrots as narrowly. Amazing, huh?

  2. blk4609 Says:

    Huh, perhaps I should find our slow cooker; does it matter that it is ancient?

    • Kari Says:

      Sure it doesn’t. Ours is ancient, too. I’m waiting for it to self-destruct so I can buy a bigger oval one. 🙂

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