December 14, 2015

Three tediums today.

Tedium #1: Got a huge job at work today: to proof a fairly dense 120-page document in French with lots of formatting. I have three days to finish it and only got through 22 pages today. Gonna have to step up my game tomorrow.  (Total hourage: Four hours and fifteen minutes.)

Tedium #2: Stuffed, stamped, labeled (in two places), and sealed 190 Christmas cards, only twelve of which I’ll write on, but still. (Total hourage: Three hours and forty five minutes.)

Tedium #3: Flipped through (and through and through) a four-inch-thick stack of hand-written index cards, quizzing Peter on 250 government and judicial definitions in preparation for his AP Government final tomorrow. Good old fashioned memorization of terms. I’m serious, were I to take that test cold, I’d fail spectacularly… and I think I’m a pretty good student of government. Jeez. I will say this: I’m very impressed by the absorbency of the teenage brain!  The kid rocked it. (Total hourage: One hour and fifteen minutes.)

That’s over 9 hours of tedium on the day. (So grateful for the late afternoon 90-minute massage!)

And pretty much I loved it all, too. (Well… love… I don’t know, but I was totally into all of it.) I have a reasonably high tolerance for tedium, don’t know why. It may be the rush of endorphins one feels upon completion of a tedious task. I just made that up, but there is some truth to the feeling of satisfaction one gets… amirite?

My day was so head-down, I barely looked up to see anything, much less take any pictures… so here’s a shot I took yesterday of the sky as I walked out of the Davis Food Coop… it took my breath away: