adventures With a Small A

December 13, 2015

We are all loving this rain. We don’t even mind that the Richards Boulevard under-crossing was seriously flooded and we had to carefully navigate our way through the tunnel lest we stall out …


We passed a gnarly accident on I-80 and had to detour our way to Rick and Linda’s.

Other than that, it was a great day of food and buds.

First, brunch with these guys:


Rick and Ricker are in another room. (Rick and Ricker.. that’s weird.)

An incredibly enjoyable few hours

Then raced home and made a couple of apps for a Creole-themed dinner with the Dining Divas (I guess that name is sticking):

I made chicken creole deviled eggs…


And zesty marinated shrimp…


Both just fine! And, both firsts for me. Honest to god, I’ve never made a deviled egg in my whole life. Also, to my knowledge, I’ve never cooked a raw shrimp.

More adventure than I expected for a Sunday.