December 15, 2015


That old diseased-infested Modesto Ash next door–the one that was on the verge of falling on our house, crushing our roof, our bedroom and us–was slated for removal.

It took a few years of nagging on my part, but the city arborist finally agreed it was too far gone. The street tree commission gave the go ahead and today the crews came to take it down.

Here is the before:


Here is the final blow:


And here is the after:


It leaves a hole for sure, but not as bad as I expected… what with that monster REDWOOD right behind it, ready to fall, now completely unhindered by the Modesto Ash. Do NOT let those north winds blow.

(I’ve mentioned my fear of falling trees, ya?)

Also in the category of things coming down: the last wind storm did this to our back fence….


Is that crazy?

I believe that is going to turn into a spring project for Jim… keep ya posted.