So, last night, I’m up late, sitting at my computer, and I begin to fiddle with my rings. I rarely remove my wedding band, but I’m reading some article online, probably a recap of President Obama’s address on terrorism and gun violence, and maybe I’m agitated, or nervous, but I’m sort of mindlessly playing with my ring… I’d pulled it off and was spinning it around on my finger.

As I spun it around, I realized it felt weird. The edge was too sharp. The ring felt too light. I looked at it and noticed it was too narrow. This is not my ring!

It was 1:00am and I may not have been processing well, but a million thoughts and theories were flying. I thought perhaps Jim had switched rings: maybe he was going to take mine into the jeweler and do something exciting with it. (I know, with a wedding band?) Or maybe he was going to use it to have a new ring sized, a special Christmas present! This didn’t make any sense at all, but it was the best I could come up with.

I went into the bedroom. He woke up. I asked. He grumbled something that was the opposite of affirmative. I went to sleep baffled.

I woke up this morning baffled and resumed my theorizing. I followed one lead to a dead end (Spa Central).

I’m already out of leads.

And I am truly, truly flummoxed.

First off, I rarely take off my ring. When I do, it’s only for a moment, or it’s because I’m getting a manicure or massage, and even then I rarely take it off. But of course, being nearly 60 and getting all kinds of forgetful, it’s possible I took it off somewhere. But if I did take it off, and then found myself without it, it would be lost. Or at least misplaced. Or even just left behind somewhere. So.. it’s possible that I could be without my ring. Remote, but possible.

But what makes NO SENSE, is that not only is my ring gone, but I’m wearing somebody else’s. So not only did I lose my ring, but I somehow acquired somebody else’s in the deal. That suggests a switcheroo. But WHERE? HOW? WITH WHOM? I must have left it in the company of another ring/s, and then picked up the wrong one.

Naturally, I have ZERO recollection of anything of the sort.

Here are a few ideas I can rule out:

I haven’t had it cleaned in years, so it didn’t happen at De Luna’s;

I don’t take it off at airport security.

I didn’t try on or exchange rings with anybody for fun and then forget and wander off with their ring. 


So here it is…


Mine looks just like it, of course, but is slightly wider.

I have to say, knowing it’s not mine kind of gives me the creeps… I’m not sure what to do with it. I’m also not sure how long I’ve been wearing it. I guess I’ll keep it on, at least for a while…  but anxious to have my ring back.

Any ideas are welcome.