December 10, 2015

About 8:00 tonight, Peter mentioned that he had to take gazpacho to school tomorrow for his Spanish class. He said they were going to have a party and everyone was to sign up for an item to make and bring. He couldn’t think of anything but had heard of gazpacho, so he volunteered to bring that. He didn’t know what it was exactly… he thought it might be a rice dish.

So a Google search and run to the store later, he was making gazpacho. I got to help and it worked out pretty well.

He assembled and blended the base (tomato juice, garlic, vinegar, olive oil, fresh tomato, salt and hot pepper sauce). Then we worked side by side on chopping more tomatoes, onions, cucumber, and bell pepper to be added to the blended tomato base. He actually needed a lot of guidance on how to properly chop the vegetables. For example, he was to peel, seed and chop two cucumbers, so I did one and he did one and he followed my suggestions on how to do it. It’s not something you would necessarily know how to do.


He’s got a nice technique…


He’s got to work on his onion chopping technique, however..


We ended up with a lot… so part of the batch will stay here.  Which is great for us!

Meanwhile, after nearly a week of staring at a bare naked tree in the living room, we also finished the tree trimming, decorating and inside lights:


Shopping’s all done, too, and Jim finished the card design tonight, so I can get that out … wrapping, baskets, shipping and baking remain.







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