Head Down

December 6, 2015

Head’s been down most of the day…busy sorting photos for most of it, looking for good ones for both our Christmas card and calendar. Took a break from that to spend a couple hours with Peter reality checking his college application list.. a conversation that started trickily but ended productively.  These are difficult choices.. but as choices go, are probably pretty good ones to have.

Anyway… it was a productive head down kind of day.

But it does pay to look up once in a while..


I’ll say this: After looking at maybe 7-9,000 photos today–the entire 2015 archive–I can say without question, I take a lot of sky shots. There are a lot of recurring photographic themes over the course of the year, but sky shots are definitely one of the big ones. Sometimes I’m looking up to the sky, and a lot of the time I’m in the sky looking down.

You probably already knew this.



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