Shot in LA

October 16, 2015

Um… that sounds a little violent.

Let me rephrase. Shots of LA.


They’re getting a little bit of weather:


Here’s one I’m wondering about…. is it Dodger Stadium? Is that Mount Washington? If so… I was flying over Dodger Stadium AS THE DODGERS WERE LOSING THE NLDS to the Mets. Poor Dodgers.

Is this the unique and haunting LA light they speak of?


Then.. some LA shots, as seen from the back seat of my Taxi (actually, Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach…)

Little palm soldiers, all in a row.


I did another version of this picture with that mystery reflection cut out, but it was not as complete, so I left it as is. I love the grace of those trunks.



This last one is Hollywood Riviera, just before driving into PV.  I love the energy.

It was funny, while driving to the airport in Sac, I heard a message come in on my cell from my mom: “Do you want dinner at home or should we go out? Shall I cook? Oh… I’ll cook. Poo.”

A couple of hours later, I was walking through the door. I smelled something amazing.



I am not kidding. This was insane… the beef was so tender and so richly, deeply, perfectly spiced–garlic, pepper, herbs, wine, butter. The beef just fell apart, the potatoes were perfect. Jeez gawd. Fantastic.

I cannot make things taste the way she does. First off, I don’t have the nerve to put that much butter in things, but secondly, she’s got a touch that is all her own. She can use ingredients we’ve all used, but dishes will never come out tasting like hers.

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