The Subject is Trees

October 25, 2015

Still hitting the 80s hereabouts. Makes it a little confusing for trees ready to lose their leaves, but a few are giving it the old college try:


The above was shot across the street. A quick scan of my photo archive from last year suggests fall arrived more or less on time in 2014. This year, not so much.

Walking downtown for breakfast, noticed a sign on the heritage elm near the corner of Third and C. This tree is 109 years old and is definitely feeling its age. The drought is not helping.



(Rob Cain, nice guy, is the city arborist, whose job is probably pretty stressful these days.)

Finally, in other city tree news, after a few years of nudging–some of it gentle, some of it tending more toward desperate–the City’s arborist (same Rob Cain) and the Street Tree Commission have, at last, agreed that our neighbor’s Modesto ash has reached the end of its useful life. It is now, as of the commission’s meeting last Thursday, slated for removal. Its departure will give our sycamore some room to grow and spread out a bit, which is a good thing. And I can finally sleep anxiety-free during those fierce north winds knowing that thing’s not going to come crashing down on our bedroom roof.

Here’s the dead tree in question (on the right):


Here is an illustration of the tangle that will be eliminated once the ash comes out and our sycamore can fill toward the north (and straighten up a bit):


We still have a giant redwood two doors up, just to the north of the ash, to sort of worry about (if you’re me and fear falling trees), but the arborist assures us this one’s solidly rooted. Tall, and within reach of our house, yes, but not a reasonable threat. Medium relaxed about this.