Take a Bow

October 5, 2015

Sure am grateful for all the creative people who add beauty and wonder and pleasure to our world.

Just a couple examples from yesterday:

Went to a baby shower for my friend and fellow compassionista Margaret (we worked together on David’s Compassion Tour). Not only did she fill the room with people I loved talking to (she is surrounded on her baby journey by friends and family thrilled somebody so loving and kind is going to be raising a child in this crazy, complicated world), but she filled a table with fantastic food.  Especially her signature homemade french-style macarons.


My favorite was the pecan, goat cheese, fig one. The label you cannot see is for the chocolate prune macaron on the backside. Those were great, too–dense, chewy, chocolaty. She’s a master at blending flavors, and an artist in her careful preparation.

I only ate maybe four of these.

Which made the day’s second event–a wine tasting and pig roast–a bit of a gastro-digestive challenge.  No pictures from the Sender’s Wine Release party, but it was plenty artful, viticulturally, enologically speaking.

Then, it was a photo gallery exhibit slash fundraiser for the Putah Creek Council, which featured the stunning, STUNNING photography of Andrea and Rob Stone (their F Street gallery is open by appointment).

Andrea’s art is like this…


About four years ago, she discovered a subject she really loved–reflections of urban life. Literally reflections. And then honed what is now her signature perspective. What she does is take pictures of urban landscapes and architecture mostly through window reflections. “Conventional cityscapes melt away as buildings of steel and glass morph into canvases, reflections become paint…and the camera becomes the brush.” 

It’s very eye popping!

Her husband Rob is a landscape photographer, whose current project, “Hidden Treasure: Restoring Putah Creek,” was on exhibit in the gallery. This is truly gorgeous work.


His brochure has an Edward Abbey quote I loved and fits his work well:

“Our job is to record, each in his own way, this world of light and shodow and time that will never come again exactly as it is today.” 

If you’re interested in a broader view of each of their bodies of work, go to their website, here. 

(I just have to say, he’s got a couple of the North Davis pond that really knocked my socks off.)

Anyway, take a bow artists! Your work inspires!