What is this, you may wonder? It’s the data entry screen for my iScore program, used on my iPad at baseball games. What does this tell you? Not much, really… since I didn’t think to stage a better shot. It tells you that Peter is up, for one thing, which is rare these days, since he’s a pitcher-only. It tells you he’s right handed and the count is one ball and one strike. It doesn’t tell you the names of the Jesuit players, because it’s fall ball and very relaxed, so we don’t even get line-ups from the opposing teams. That’s all.

Today was the last game of the fall ball season. We strung two games together, one a nine-inning game and one an eleven-inning game. Yup. It was a twenty-inning day!  That was even long for some of us die hards. Most of us were at the field for seven hours. The kids and coaches longer.

Peter opened, and pitched three innings, waaaaaay back around 10:00am. Not his best outing… not horrible either. He threw a lot of balls, but gave up only one hit, and thanks to some terrible base running on their part, no runs. Jesuit! They looked a little sloppy.

On the other hand, Davis continued looking sharp and fierce; we won the first game 13-7 and the second game 15-7.

Total record for the season was 10 wins, 1 loss. Our nine starters had a combined, overall season batting average of .402! They hit like crazy people. If they keep it up, DHS should have a pretty strong team in the spring. Plus we’ll get our two football playing starters back, and our two strongest pitchers will be back in the rotation (both injured during the fall season). No matter what, they’ll be competitive, the level of play should be high, and it will be fun.

I know… lotta baseball. But I shall now be hanging up my iPad and iScore for about five forlorn months, so that’s it for a while!

Last fall season. In the can.

Oh… and you’re probably wondering what happened to Peter’s at-bat above? He got to first after getting hit by a pitch.