Wing It Wednesday

October 21, 2015

Now I remember. Working takes time. As in, working happens during the time you might have done other things. Lots and lots of other things. So I’m a little behind today, scrambling to get a bunch of things done that I didn’t do this afternoon because I was working.

Ergo, not much of a blog tonight.

So, I shall dub today, Wing It Wednesday.

I went to my photo archive to see if I had anything to share from my “Pretty Good Stuff” file. Tons. I’m picking this one because I’m still–and expect to be for a while–chewing on the idea of writing…how do you become a writer, how active a process is it, are writers born or self-invented, who writes and why, what is writing…. stuff like that.

Here’s what Ray Bradbury said about it:

write and read