Only One Winner…

October 15, 2015

…and that winner is me. 

How about that!

The Davis Food Coop is giving away beautiful 11-item gift baskets each week (for some period of time) in honor of its upcoming 11% sale. They take a picture of the basket, post the photo on their Facebook page, and all you have to do to be eligible is add a comment to thread. Which I did. They choose a name at random–this time from about 150 commenters–not sure how, and make the announcement online.

Yeehoo. This go-round, it was me. Here’s what I won:


It was even nicer going in to get my prize. Seriously, you’d think I’d actually done something noteworthy and fabulous, rather than just add a comment to a Facebook thread. Lis H was paged and came out to greet me with a big smile and warm hug, walked me over to the coffee counter and treated me to a house chai while she ran across the street (to their test kitchen) to get my basket. I sat on the patio sipping my chai, in the warm fall air, enjoying the wait.

While sitting there, I saw lots of people I knew. i was feeling rather puffed up, like, “do you guys know I just won the big prize!” Which I didn’t actually say to anyone; that would have been weird. I did get a chance to say thank you to State Senator Lois Wolk, who walked past with her husband… I thanked her for carrying the death with dignity bill all the way to the governor’s desk, a bill that was signed last week. I was definitely feeling like a very important person, sitting there drinking my chai, waiting for my prize to arrive, nodding my approval in the direction of my state senator, and all.

Anyway, many fun items. My favorite, I think, is this:


Or maybe this:


Peter, sort of surprisingly, was thoroughly impressed with the saffron, which, according to him, is worth more per unit of weight than gold:


Sure we’ll be able to put most of it to good use, but will have to figure out how to use kaffir limes.

2 Responses to “Only One Winner…”

  1. Michael Ann Says:

    How fun!!! Love those coconut chips. Mmm…

  2. Elliot Margolies Says:

    Don’t know how it will be on our next walk what with your new VIP status. A bit intimidating. Peter’s right about the saffron.

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