Hours of Rumbling Pleasure

October 4, 2015

It’s midnight and the rumbling thunder is STILL going on, mixed with great flashes of lightning covering the sky in all directions. And RAIN! Lots and lots of rain!

This has been going on for hours!

Giddy beyond giddy.

It started earlier tonight when we were at Janet’s. The flashing of lightning was so spectacular we had to leave dessert and head out to the North Davis pond to get a better view.  Here is a shot of Jim and Janet, looking east, trying to get a shot of the lightning…


And, after shooting dark sky after dark sky after dark sky, also pointed east, but a little higher, I finally got a shot off at just the right millisecond, catching the lightning-lit sky:IMG_9870

A little while later, we were on the front porch watching an intense downpour illuminated by the street light.  Same drill: it was a dark and stormy night…


And then it was a bright and stormy night!


Snapped this one at just the right moment (and trashed about 30 misses). And I promise, these pictures are not touched up.

I tell ya, we Californians are a little beside ourselves with this wetness. I can’t wait to walk through my hopefully dust-free garden in the morning–hoping all this rain has cleaned the cobwebs and pollen and dirt from everything. Can’t wait to see about a year’s worth of brittle leaves and twigs transformed by the rain, all dark and soggy and tamped down.  I hope that there are still water driplets everywhere, and that the plants are all shiny and perky.

Excited with this real, REAL rain! Can you tell?

2 Responses to “Hours of Rumbling Pleasure”

  1. basykes Says:

    Best drive home from Sacramento ever. Lightning about every 20 seconds, lighting up the whole sky, pouring rain. I loved it! Pity it’s all gone today.

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