As Seen

October 3, 2015


What this is? It’s a [pretty terrible] picture of the giant beefwood tree across the street from our house (aka sheoak or, more properly, casuarina).

And what this is, is an even worse close up of one of its branches.


We were walking home from the Farmer’s Market this morning and Jim paused beneath it because there was this very loud buzzing sound coming, seemingly, from within the branches of the tree. Upon closer inspection, we noticed it was absolutely, densely, fully, impressively abuzz with bees! Like, gajillions of them, all feasting on the beefwood’s yellow pollen… also hard to see (this is when a good camera really comes in handy).

Can’t see a single bee in this picture. [Frowny face.] But believe me…  ga-jillions.

Something else of note on my way to grabbing an au lait this morning …

This is the Compassion Bench… rain-bowed sun rays shining through the giant elm:


The pile on the ground in front is a memorial to a long time resident of Davis, Steve Inness, who I think they have concluded killed himself a few days ago by stepping in front of a train.


I was moved by a flood of Facebook comments about him in the days that followed, particularly former mayor Joe Kravoza’s statement about him:

Steven Inness. Brilliant, insightful, kind. Interested and interesting. I loved him, and this town still more because of him. He will be missed by me forever. RIP, Steve. Take good care and know you touched so many. Davis couldn’t ask for a more conscientions and generous citizen. The bike community won’t be the same without you, nor campus lectures, nor council meetings needing perspective and progressive thought, nor the HS robotics team. Your rest has been earned. Now I say to you, what you once said to me, from Walt Whitman: O Captain, My Captain. I am devastated. 

I didn’t know him, but felt like memorializing him here was appropriate to do. Thanks for reading.

I am also moved that Compassion Corner has become a place for such spontaneous shows of love and community.

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