Varsity Season Wraps

May 14, 2015

Tonight was our second playoff game of the post-season. The early rounds in this tournament are win-or-go-home games, so there is added urgency to win. As of the start of tonight’s game, there were five teams remaining (out of twelve) in the northern division of our Sac-Joaquin Section bracket. The winner of our game tonight would advance to the round of four, a double elimination contest, the winner of which goes on to play the winner of the southern division bracket.

The loser would go home.

The northern-southern matchup is also a double elimination contest, the winner of which is the big fancy champion of the whole Section, earning a HUGE permanent wooden banner to be displayed for all the world to see. We were those guys last year (and in 2000 and 2004)… the tournament’s defending champs!

Still with me? Suffice to say, it all comes down to the post season.

We weren’t even sure we’d have a game tonight, what with a 90% chance of thunderstorms forecast for 7:00pm–the scheduled start of the game. This is the ominous, foreboding sky just before our players took the field.


It didn’t rain, however. It was freezing, and a bit windy, and we had to resort to multiple layers of down and blankets to keep warm… but it didn’t rain, and they got their full seven innings in.

Our kids got rolled. They were way out hit, mostly out played, and just never looked like they were able to get a foothold. Definitely the better team (the #1 ranked Oak Ridge High) advanced to the vaunted round of four.

But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t brutal. It was. It’s hard to end the season anyway, but it’s at least a gentler let down if the team plays well.  But on this night, we were overmatched (lost 9-0; got only 2 hits, gave up 16; struck out 8 times,… overmatched like that) and just never got on the board.

And last games are sad!  A lot of hugging was going on (not those hasty, gruff-ish man hugs, either). I imagine there were tender feelings all around and maybe some tears. There was the last huddle, the last coach’s talk, the last dugout clean up… and then they walked off the field and out of the stadium together. Many arm-in-arm.


Some seniors are done with baseball, some may continue on with more relaxed club teams, and some have committed to play for their colleges or universities. Nobody in this group is likely to go further than that.

The underclassmen, on the other hand, will be back in a week or two for the summer season.

YAY for that!!

Here’s a sincere thank you to Coaches Dan Ariola, Mark Kenner, Thomas Goykavick, Robby Bronson, Jeff Woodard (and maybe some others) for a pretty awesome season. I had no idea it’d be this fun and so worthwhile an experience for Peter.

So glad to be a part.

One Response to “Varsity Season Wraps”

  1. Bev Says:

    Lol. I read “Varsity” and I assume the theater.

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