Hot Diggity Dog!

May 13, 2015

This happened today.


I think it actually happened last weekend, but the sign went up today.

This is June’s house, two doors down, and it’s been for sale for a few months. She moved to Atria last fall, but took a few months to fix up some of the dilapidated interior. It’s a scrawny little house (1276 sq ft, with three wee bedrooms and two even tinier bathrooms, a single-car garage, a dated layout and extremely dated finishing features). It hasn’t been seriously updated since the day it was built (1948) and probably went for a lot more than it was worth. She started obscenely high, just under $700k, but I think it came down quite a bit. They were marketing its location (location, location), and, I have to admit, that is a good selling feature.

The buyer, who currently lives down in the Walnut Creek area, is THRILLED to move in.

It’s a perfect arrangement: her daughter, a NICU nurse, her psychiatrist son-in-law and her two adorable grandkids live in the house next door. She’ll be a very happy, very needed built-in back up for busy parents, and apparently her grandkids just cherish her. A win-win-win situation if ever there was one. She’s also excited to be so close to the senior center, the library, Central Park and downtown… (well, and the campus, too). She loves all of that.  She’s a former professor, I hear, and when I met her last week, she seemed really perky, nice and totally together.

In our campus-close neighborhood, owner occupied is a big deal.

We could not be happier.

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