First Annual

March 13, 2014


iPhone group shot in a fluorescent gym… not the best photo.. but it’s the best I’ve got of tonight’s first-ever DHS Baseball Pasta Feed. This is the end of the evening–after dinner, after dessert, after the performance by the Madrigal Choir.

Here is a better, more frontal shot, courtesy Wes Young:


It’s a spontaneous group shot of the JV team, posing with John Ariola, the varsity center fielder who also sings in the choir.  A bit of an odd mashup tonight, but that’s what happens when the head coach’s son has a foot in two worlds. Made for some nice entertainment, for sure.

Pictured: Jacob Avila, Peter, Hunter Jury, Gavin Cosgrave, Mason Shorts, Tyler Gibson, John Ariola, Gabe Gutierrez, James Richardson, Noah Riffle, Daniel Henrickson, Alex Timmons, Solomon Biers-Ariel and Ray Young. (Not pictured: Jake Guerrero and Pierce Tujo).  A solid group of young men.

Here’s a pre-dinner shot of part of the decoration crew:


Me, Colleen, Dianna and Corlyn.

Riding home, Jim and I talked about the dinner, how nice it was to provide a bit of recognition for the boys and for the program. As it is just about everywhere, football is, inexplicably to me, the center of the universe. Basketball’s not far behind, and baseball’s sort of an also-ran. That is a volume of its own.

Having the JV and varsity together gave the younger players some context and something to aspire to. It’s not that they don’t see this on a regular, daily basis, but the JV is rarely celebrated in this way. Most of the newspaper coverage is for varsity. And at DHS, all roads lead to varsity; it seems freshman and JV are largely feeder programs for the varsity, with all the attention going there. In the end, relatively few guys will get all the way to the top and many, many will fall by the wayside.  So it’s nice for JV to get a little limelight. They work so hard, every day; they deserve to be noticed.

There were also a bunch of alumni players who came and were introduced which was a great idea and a way to convey history and the boys’ place in it. The principal showed up and a former superintendent (Floyd, of course!), which was appreciated, and added a measure of dignity to the affair.

Here’s one more shot.. the dessert table and some of the varsity players:


Pictured: Hudson, Nate, Ted, Trey, Quentin, Ryan, Josh, Matt, Walter.

All and all, a nice first-ever dinner.  A tradition is born.

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